Here are some answers to the questions we've been asked. If you have a question - feel free to leave a comment!

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, we do!
International shipping is 3,45€ (about 4,61$) - worldwide.
If you need any additional help - please let us know!

Are your stamps available in USA?
We do sell to USA! You can directly buy them in our Shop and our international shipping is 3,70€ only (which is less than $5)
But if you prefer to shop in an US-store you can find our stamps at Butterfly Reflections Ink or Simon Says Stamp

How many stamps will be released soon?
We are going to release 2-3 sets each month. Some of them will be German sentiment sets.

Some items are out of stock - will they be available again soon?
We are working hard to restock everything that's sold out as soon as possible. News about re-stocked items can be found on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/createasmilestamps) or if you subscribe to our newsletter in our Shop.
Kits are limited and won't be restocked when sold out.

Will you start a challenge?
We have not made a decision on that, yet. At this point we're offering Guest Design Calls regularly. The Guest Designers will be featured and also get stamps.


  1. Hallo,
    Ein paar der Stempelsets und Schablonen sind bereits ausverkauft. Werden diese nachproduziert?
    LG aus Österreich :)

    Some of your stamp sets and stencils are already out of stock. Are there coming more of them?

    1. Hallo :)
      Ja, alle ausverkauften Artikel sind bereits nach bestellt und werden in der nächsten Zeit aufgefüllt. Wir halten Euch besonders auf unserer FacebookSeite (www.facebook.com/createasmilestamps) immer auf dem Laufenden was die Bestände angeht.

    2. Danke für die unglaublich schnelle Antwort :)
      dann werde ich mich mal bereit halten :D

  2. Hallo liebes Stempelteam,
    ein paar eurer Stempelsets sind bereits ausverkauft, wann sind sie wieder verfügbar.
    Liebe Grüsse aus Bayern.

    1. Die ausverkauften Sets sind fast alle nachbestellt, die anderen werdenden Kürze bestellt. In den nächsten Wochen sollte dann alles wieder verfügbar sein :)

  3. Is there anyway you can put your prices in dollars, too? If it is listed somewher and I missed it, I'm sorry. Thanks

    1. Unfortunately the system is not able to calculate with the daily changing currency, so there's no other way than using a currency converter - we linked to one on our shop-page :)

  4. Are you planning on releasing your kits regularly?

    1. Hi Sam,
      We're planning to have 2 kits each year. :)

  5. Is the KIT sold out...I want to buy it, but can NOT add it to MY CART....in ENGLISH! Please PM me IF you can assist! Or contact me at Purple_Place@verizon.net - I've been trying since it was released and IT will NOT work for me?????

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